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Last updated July 2nd, 2018

legal information

All information provided on this site is deemed to be reliable and accurate from their original sources. However, Omega-Direct is not responsible for any information that may be subsequently discovered incorrect or partially in error.  We strive diligently to verify the accuracy of cited information but cannot be held accountable for errors in such recitations.  Any error in the posting of prices, promotions, or specials does not entitle the customer to receive the incorrect price, promotion, or special.  We reserve the right to make corrections and/or revisions at any time. We make no warranty or guarantee to the claims of the manufacturer and refer any inquiries regarding the same to each products respective manufacturer.  Omega-Direct is operated under and governed by the (state) laws of the State of Utah, and the (federal) laws of the United States of America.

security and PCI protocol

All paperwork generated in the procurement of your purchase which contains sensitive information is destroyed according to industry guidelines and requirements. All sensitive information is transmitted via SSL (secure socket layer), encrypted technology.  Our payment system utilizes Authorize.net to procure all credit card transactions.  All information, network communication, APIs, and transmitted data are protected, secured, and compliant with PCI DSS (Level 1-4) standards.

privacy policy

All provided customer information is kept secure and private. We do NOT sell, rent, or otherwise convey, ANY information to any other company.  The collection of email addresses for new product and/or promotional notifications is procured via double-opt methodology approved by anti-spam legislation and compliant with all governing laws.  From time to time we may modify or amend this Privacy Statement in order to comply with new laws or regulations or to reflect future changes in our business practices. Any changes in our policies will be communicated in this page so please check back on occasion.